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Questions about a Klass? Want to schedule a private lesson? Would you like me to preform at an event? Something else?

Send me an email and I will respond within 48 hours.


Do you teach at a studio for children only?

Yes. Dance Motion Xplosion (DMX) in Farmington. Click Here to learn more. 

I also do Kitten lessons, (see Kathletez). All privates are held at Pure Stage Studios. 

How old do you have to be for Klass?

I accept students of all ages. There is no age limit or requirement for Private Sessions.

If you are 18 or younger a parent's permission is needed before taking a Klass. 

Why register to become a Kathlete?

Kathletez are creative athletes striving for self excellence. Registration includes your first Klass, your overall assessment (strengths & weaknesses), and take home notes (home workout, diet suggestions, corrections & reminders). After registering Klasses are a discounted price.

​Can I attend classes at more than one location?


 Klasses are specific to location.  LA Fitness requires a membership. All classes at Pure Stage Studios are paid on-sight unless prepaid. ​​

Can I book you for a gig ?

Yes. Notice is needed a minimum week in advance. Email me for further details.