How much is Klass?

Floor $15/ Pole $20 

Private Lesson $50

Unless other wise specified.

Do you have poles for rental?

Yes. $100 every 24 hours. 

Standard Static X-Pole. Flat Ceiling Required for Install

X-Stage. Ceiling Must be 8ft or higher.

Where are you located?

Klass is mobile. Check the Klass and Events schedule for up to date locations. Private Lessons are set up by what works best for both parties - In Home or Studio. Studio space is available to work in the Metro Detroit Area.

Contact for further details.

If I don't have a pole can you still come to me?

Yes. Contact for further details 

How old do you have to be for Klass?

Klass is has different disciplines for the diverse age groups. 2-99.

If under 18, a parent's permission is needed before taking a Klass. 

Children ages 3-16 can sign up at one of the studios Klass is affiliated with. Check out the Klass page for links to locations. 

Can I book you for an event ?

​Yes. If you are looking for a performance artist for events. Booking for events starts at $100.  Email for further details. 

How do I schedule a massage?

Use the form below to send 3 days and times that you are available.

List your name, closest city and if in-home massage is an option. 

How do I pay you?

Klass can be paid for by Cash, Card or online via Square Cash ​$cuzimkat  or PayPal PayPal.me/cuzimKat

​​​​​​​​#cuzimKat #MasterofBootyFu #KatTyPole #DrMcNinjaKat #cuzimKatKlass #Kathletez

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