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Massage, Performances, Personalized Training, Events

​​​Certified Group Fitness Instructor(AFAA)

Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF)

Licensed Massage Therapist
Zumba - ZIN Member
15+ Years of Dance Training
5+ Years of Teaching Experience​

Kat Thurman is an artist who has a plan to help the planet.

 A classically trained dancer since the age of three, movement has always been her expressive medium. Enriched in arts training such as modeling, theater, writing, nature camp and softball the body became her tool.

As a graduate with mutiple Associates certificates, her hunger for knowledge continued after college. She pursued professional fitness training certificates , massage licensing and holistic health. Her plan is to help reprogram how the body is perceived and used with total body care.

"Every body is different. Let's find what works for you."