​​Kat Thurman is an artist who has a plan to help the planet. At a young age she fell in love with performing, thanks to the enrichment of recreational dance. Her parents brought oppportuinitys in the Arts and Sciences to the forefront of her interest.  Being around athletics and therapy at a young age developed her interest in the human body. 
As a graduate with her Business Degree, her hunger for knowledge continued after college. Now a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist and a Holistic Health 
practitioner, Kat still seeks knowledge. Coming from a home where education was of the utmost importance, her career path became clear. She would teach the people of the world how important knowing their body is. She has taught at International Gyms, Local health clubs and even in the cooperate circuit. Students ages are never a restriction being a Corrective Exercise Specialist. Kat will help guide you on your journey to your better body.  Her plan is to help reprogram how the body is perceived and used with total body care.
"Every body is different. Let's find what works for you."