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(17 and Under)
Are you interested innovate and exclusive enrichment for your child?

Kittenz Klass avaliable Saturdays 12-2PM (July/August) or schedule a private session for your child. 
This program will help advance your dancer to the next level. This is for minors who are interested in all styles of dance. A great add-on to studio training or a great way to introduce movement to your child. Choreography is included in the curriculum. 

Styles included Fitness for Health, Basic Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Hip-Hop, Artistic Movement and Flexibility Training.


Price List

Registration/First Klass  



$50 - 10 Klasses or 5 Private Lessons

$75 - 15 Klasses or 7 Privates Lessons

$100 - 20 Klass or 10 Private Lessons


$10 - Bring a Friend for $5


Single $7

 Double $10

 Triple $15